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Hello Due Date
Kiff's grandpa Max died yesterday. He was pretty old and he did die comfortably, in a good facility. But a sad time at a moment of excitement and apprehension. Strange how the timing of big life moments can overlap, so that we are forced to balance loss and gain simultaneously.

A woman in my birth prep class lost her father suddenly, prompting her to give birth 5 weeks early to a healthy daughter.

Today is my official due date. Tuesday night we went to see The Fountain and the whole second half of the movie i was feeling steady contractions - my uterus got tight as a drum. So exciting, but of course they stopped as soon as the movie was over. I guess the baby likes Rachel Weisz.

At the midwife today, I was 1 cm dilated, approximately, and around 30-40% effaced, for those who keep track or know about these things. Still quite a few centimetres to go, and still no guarantees when labour could speed up. It's a long process. I have been told to distract myself. Guitar Hero, anyone?

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