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It is!
I just wanted to announce to the internets that I got two 4 hour stretches of sleep (with a 30 min feeding in between) last night and I feel like a different person. Huzzzah!

I went to my first post-partum yoga class yesterday with G. hilarious. Babies lay on blankets beside their moms' mats, cooing away - the older ones occasionally punctuating their moms' stretches with "datdatdat!" and the younger ones staring, rapt, at the ceiling fans (Lisa May, I think ceiling fans might just be the best babysitter ever).

I spent all the shoulder stretches nursing, which was a bummer, since my back is f-ed up from hunching over to change diapers, etc. but I was able to do the rest of the stretches. The sounds of excited babies mixed with the instructors' encouragement to stretch and relax was a soundtrack I wish I could have recorded.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a cafe/party on the side of a mountain and while talking to someone, I said: " No, it isn't (??)". Gabriel, who was swaddled in blankets, spoke up passionately and with some frustration: "It IS!" he bleated, "It is!"

In my dream, I was creeped out, but proud that my very young baby could already speak, and with such conviction!

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