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Budget Day
i am as punchy and sleep-deprived as a minority government on the brink of their first budget. Mister shortypants needs to learn that bed time is not the time to test out your newly developing voice with a series of of strung-together sounds and silly babble. And no, I am not talking about you, Mr. Flaherty.

I would like to go for a walk, but it is crappy out in the way that March in Ontario can really bite. A day of melt, a night of freeze, a flurry of snow, and a bone-shaking wind. Once outside, you don't want to venture far. I am so, so glad to have moved to a quieter street, but I do miss the convenience of my old 'hood.

A survey of business establishments on the main street near my house will go like this: Hair salon, sports bar (where retired men hang out and smoke in the doorways), coffee bar which is really a sports bar, but has smaller T.V's., corner store with crap produce, dollar store, 1st communion dress store, ugly glasses shop. Now repeat. No place to get decent bread. And a plethora of annoying names.

One complaint is the abundance of businesses using initials. R.N. Convenience. JJ Variety. M.M., etc. There are at least a dozen of these initial-using stores - unfortunate choices, because you can never remember their names when telling someone where to stop for milk.

Then there is this sign near the streetcar stop: "Furniture that work". It always makes me do a double-take, rationalize "well I guess Furniture is plural, so technically it is correct, but it still sounds funny." There should be a grammar rule against using technically-correct-but-syntactically-awkward phrases for signage.

I am cranky.

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