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Adina Likes To...
This is a meme from facebook, via Paul Buen:

go to google. Type in "[your name] likes to" and list the 1st 10 things that appear:

there were only 8 results for Adina. Now you try it. I mean, if you want to....

1) When not running, Adina likes to hang out around downtown DC, read, travel, cook, and spend time with her husband Jim.
2) Adina likes to paint.
3) Adina likes to plan everything – parties, get togethers, movies, lunch, her LIFE.
4) If Adina likes to gamble ... she's in. She blasted me in the "October Dustup" back in '03, and I will always respect her for it.
5) I didn't either, but it looks truly lovely, or loverly as Adina likes to say... So glad to see pictures of your 'unusual' paris tour
6) Adina likes to squeeze my boobies and stick her hands down my shirt as well. She was breastfed. I think it's funny except when she does it when...
7) Adina likes to take pictures of us in the backseat of F
8) Smoke Hookah, watch movies, adina likes to do my hair for me

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