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100 days
Kiff's mom came for a visit and she asked us when G. was going to turn 100 days old, because according to a Korean woman she met, that day is met with a celebration.

A single mom I know calls the first 100 days after you have a baby the "one hundred days of hell."
Hell? In sleep deprivation, yes, but with the exception of certain moments in the middle of the night after a whole 20-minute stretch of sleep where I am up for the fourth time, I am pretty blissed out.

Gabriel turned 100 days yesterday, and he is gorgeous.

And Spring is joy. I went out with Julia the other night (free beer for new mom from local bartender) and we walked home, buzzing, through the streets, just like we used to. We stopped at one garden bursting with those brief and improbable tulips.

"Listen closely. you hear that rustling?" asked Julia. "Those are worms dragging leaves underground"

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