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six months
I can't believe it has been six months since gabriel was born.

The past week or so has been strange: Gabriel is teething and out of sorts and getting the first pangs of separation anxiety which means little time to myself. Teething this round has meant biting the boob that feeds him with his sharp fangs on the lower gums. he just drew blood. I am a bit terrified of nursing these days.

I have also been feeling a bit ot of sorts - perhaps it is August blues: that annual funk I get at the prospect of summer disappearing and I have done so little to exploit it. I have been dithering a great deal. yesterday i found myself in the park, sitting with g., feeling kind of paralysed by how much i had to do and feeling too tired to tackle anything hard and too lazy to tackle anything easy. could be the heatwave.

As glum as this all sounds, i am still blissed out with this gorgeous baby who laughs more each day, who cocks his head to the side when curious, who is taking in the whole world so intently,little arms wrapped around me monkey-style.

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