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new book?
I just finished a novel, and I am looking for another good read.

I have been looking up books that won the Governor General's Award in the past few years and reserving them at the library. Getting a good dose of CanLit while hauling around library stamped hardcovers just feels so wholesome.

And believe you me, it is not easy to find time to read with a baby. I dangle toys, bounce him on my lap and let him shred envelopes, just so I can get in a few pages.

You get some funny looks when you are reading in public while actively ignoring your baby. Today in the park:
Dad of toddler: "What are you reading?"
Me: "Clara Callan"
Dad: "What's it about?"
Me: "It's an epistolary novel."
Dad: (somewhat impatiently)"Right. A novel told in letters".
Immediately I regret saying that. It sounded so pompous. Dad in question proceeds to haul out all his fifty cent words to prove he is literate, too.

I didn't think you were dumb just because you were looking after your kid, I thought, but then I realised that it is the fear we all have. That all this baby-rearing is dulling our brains.

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