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Happy Wobot
I brought Gabriel to the park again today. On the swing beside me, a 7-year-old boy is pushing his baby brother. They are both screaming with incredible hyperactive energy and I have a moment where I anticipate future exhaustion and shudder.

"Do you like wobots?"
"Wobots! (impatiently) the movie!"
I have never seen it.
"You can buy it at the Walmaht in Ajax. I think I got the last one, though." He seems a bit sad at this prospect, and adds that I can borrow it if I want. "Have you seen Twansfowmuhs? It also has wobots."
This kid goes on to name more of his favourite movies, each one features his adorable speech impediment. Shwek Thwee. Caws. He talks my ear off, telling me about his brother. rather, bwuthah, Wichawd. Yaps till he is out of breath.

Finally: "Are you good at making fwiends?"
"Now I think I am. But I used to get teased a lot when I was a kid for daydreaming. I bet you are good at making friends."
"Wanna see a magic twick? I can also do stunts!"

Didn't I say I was confused about having a boy last year? I love that I have a little boy. I will check out that movie Wobots when he gets a bit older.

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