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Chris's cousin Dawn is very cool. She did her MBA in Responsible Business and wanted to start a company that would discourage waste, encourage meaningful consumption and raise money for social causes.

So she started Dreambank, an online gift registry that lets your friends and family contribute to one big thing that you really want rather than giving you a Christmas Sweater and another set of cheese plates.

It works a tiny bit like a wedding registry in that you tell people what you want, but it is unlike any registry because you don't have to pick a brand or a store. You just register your dream (Kiff and I chose an original piece of art, Dave and Abi chose cross-country skis), estimate how much it would cost, and let people help you build toward that dream.

You also get to pick what charity you want to support from their partners (like Kiva and Medecins Sans Frontiers) and DB  gives 10% of all net transaction revenue to these charities.

I have been meaning to post about this for ages, because it is so cool, and then I got this crown in the mail and a $20 gift certificate to give "fairy godmother" style to a dreamer I chose:

fairy godmother

The first person who sends me their dream gets $20 towards it. Dream on!


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