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Update on bumps and fuckee
There's been so much to blog about. I started a new gig (same company), a big bunch of people got laid off that very week, my celebratory mood was a bit darkened.

Then, a week later, it was union bump day, which means the people who have lost their jobs, but have seniority, can "bump" those with less seniority from their positions, if they have the same position.  

Here is the wikipedia entry on it.  What I hadn't anticipated was that a week later, the bumped workers can then re-bump the more junior ones. It's like a game of musical chairs, but without the fun part. It has been hard to see people I liked go, even while I try to be upbeat and welcoming about the people who are new.

On a lighter note, Gabriel is really into singing (like me, he memorizes song lyrics and stories and sings constantly). Like his dad, he really likes to draw. He puffs out his chest and announces "I draw!". It has been awesome to see his style evolve from broad strokes to small details. He is so beautiful when he leans over a pad with a marker, his whole body and focus is engaged and totally unaffected.

He is also into Robots,or Bobots, as he calls them. They have supplanted horses as his latest obsession. More bobot! he demands, every time we shut the toy off to preserve batteries.

Of course, when he is overtired, he becomes a bitey scratchy hitting little menace with episodes that remind us that 2 and its terrors are fast encroaching on our sweet-tempered boy.

G is such a delight, so full of cuddles. But he won't eat! In my Jewish Mother soul, this kills me. I make beautiful food for him and he pushes it away in favour of tofu dogs and cheese. Of course, they say he eats very well at daycare.

He likes to talk about food and pretend cook food for everyone at daycare "I'm turning the soup!" he announces.
He also likes to "make" coffee. Except - and we have told this story a million times - he calls it fuckee, to the delight of all the teachers at the daycare, who regularly request an imaginary cup, just to have him hand them an imaginary mug and say:
"Here you go! Fuckee!"

The other morning, it took us a while to piece together what he meant by "Daddy dick fuckee. Hot!" (Daddy drinks coffee. Hot).

Oh, Gabriel, I hope you find humour in this story when you find it archived on the internets 15 years from now. 

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