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The Quirky Fantastic
I recently saw the movie "The Fantastic Mister Fox", and it kind of cemented something for me -  a behavioural fad that's reached its critical mass.

Sometimes it feels like there's a cult of self-aware, deeply quirky, mildly misanthropic, and unapologetically narcissistic personalities out there. And they've been blossoming since The Royal Tennenbaums came out, though I'm not sure if I can trace it to that particular movie.

Maybe it was the Big Lebowski, but the Dude was more big-hearted than all that.

But there was a moment when suddenly there was a ringing endorsement, a hidden applause button for a type of selfishness/self-obsessiveness. Like you could be a bit of a dick, and all kinds of inappropriate, but that was ok because you'd been minted an original. 

Wonder if I'll glad when this fad goes back into the pages of a Wes Anderson script. I do have a soft spot for this type. 

You should see The Fantastic Mister Fox. It's quite enjoyable.

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