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The Sweet Toddler Love
There's a while in a child's development when kids just play around each other, but not WITH each other. It's called this thing called Parallel Play. But then they start to notice each other, and like each other. And there is nothing sweeter.

On NYE G. had a sleepover with his friend Mia. The two of them put a blanket around themselves to watch Aristocats on the sofa. They shared snacks. Then they got tucked in together with stories and sawed logs blissfully into the night. In the morning, they woke up giggling. "We're tickling each other!"

This evening, G's friend Ethan came over for supper, and they were so adorable together, they made me cry! When E bumped his head while pushing a truck on the floor, G placed both hands on E's chest and asked where he'd bonked himself and placed a tender kiss on his boo-boo. Holy leaky eyes !

At the door, G and E were playing this game where every time E. got a new article of clothing ton, G would pretend to screw it in with his play tools. Before he left, Ethan said: "Now give me a hug and a kiss!". They hugged a kissed "Nice Pleasure!" shouted G the host, as his guests departed for the evening. Nice pleasure.

The sweetness. It makes me swoon!

Oh yeah: It's ridiculously easy to donate a few bucks to Haiti. Have you done it yet?

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