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Wednesday February 7, 1973. Vancouver General Hospital. Sunny.

Tell me the story of when I was born.

You were the smallest of the three and you took the longest. 25 Hours of labour.

After you were born, your father called Nana, Grandma, and your Great-Grandma Rose to tell them it was a third girl.

And while grandma and nana were bickering about who should have been notified first and who was going to come first to the hospital, your 87-year-old great grandma Rose got dressed. In stockings. Heels. Jewelry. Perfect hair. Pristine blouse and skirt. And she walked all the way to the hospital on her own.

Both Grandma and Nana were driving, but Rose got there first on foot. Can you imagine that? 87 years old.

And she marched into the hospital room.
"Judica"(Hungarian affectionate name for Judy), she said "Let me see the baby". And she looked at you in my arms.

And what did she say?

She said: "My little ray of sunshine".

I like that story. You can tell it to me anytime.

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