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Time Travel - How I Wonder Which You Are
I wonder if Gabriel will remember the thousands of moments of his life until now. Recalling my third year, only bits and flashes remain in my episodic memory. I don't remember my parents' divorce, although I aparently I confided to my cousin that they were going to '"the forest". 

I have a dim memory of that first apartment where my father lived, though I was very young - I imagine kids from divorce will never forget the sad landing pad of their father's first year, underfurnished and gloomy.

And then I got this gift in the mail yesterday. How apropos for our time travel topic on this day.  A lost audio cassette from 1976, digitized and encoded, of my sister and I singing songs. I edited a little clip of me, at 3, singing twinkle twinkle. I am still marvelling at my own voice. Welcome to my time machine. Here is the soundtrack.

«« past   |   future »»

«« past   |   future »»

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