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There's a Smell in Box 134
I've taken on some extra work with my part time job. The past few days I've been helping to inventory the valuables.

A while back they started getting strict at this hospital about what they would lock up.

Before this new policy they would empty everything out of a person's pockets and seal it up in an envelope, give it an important code and lock it away.

The last time they did inventory (which involves a very complicated process of attempting X- numbers of contact and then creating all kinds of careful records, etc. before contacting the state to see what they do or do not want to take custody of) , the department opened up sealed envelopes full of gum wrappers and ketchup packets and green pennies.

This time around is not as bad as it could have been. Although I have found myself scanning records and playing intense, wrinkled forehead detective - only to take a step back and realize, I've spent 45 minutes to track down the owner of "a tongue ring".

I had noticed that smell in box #134. I've had to get in that box before to collect other valuables. Nothing was obviously leaking or wet- but that odor!

I realized as I mentioned the odor in this box, that perhaps my boss might think I should have done thing about it before now.

If so, she didn't mention it.

She did wipe the box down with a lilac scented wipe. (which didn't quite help).
She sprayed the bejeezus out of it with a can of Mandarin Orange Anti-bacterial agent.
Again- didn't make a dent.
Finally, she said- "Oh, let's hurry up with this one. I can't stand it".
And we finished the inventory and locked it all away- the smell and whatever was causing it.
I noticed, the envelopes in this box claimed "change", "wallet", "pocket knife".

But we know- yes, we do, there's something else in there.

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