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wedding preparations

First, I would like to apologize to the few people out there (five I believe) who invited me to their weddings and I did not attend.

That was stupid of me. I should have figured out a way to attend. Weddings are lovely, impossibly fine things and I was a dumb-ass to have allowed myself to miss out on the opportunity to attend yours.

Dumb. Ass.

We had a wedding rehearsal this morning and a wedding rehearsal brunch and it was a giddy, sweet thing.

I love you Sister Sarah's fiancÚ, to pieces, but I think my family might be cooler than yours.

It's a little hard not to compare in these types of situations.

As a bunch, we're pretty good looking. We're also funny and eccentric and when we're doing it- the family thing, we come to find out we all really do like each other.

Nothing against your family, but, you'll fit in fine over here. Not to worry.

My mother told me yesterday she has some dance partners ready for me. One is Nathan. He's an old friend of Sarah's from High School. He came over several months ago and fixed my computer. He absolutely will dance with me, darlin' freckle-faced Opie kid.

My other planned dance partner will be Danny. He's an old friend of the family- well, his whole family is. For years we went to their house for Christmas Eve. I had a crush on Dan when I was in high school. Dan has had a crush on my mother as long as we've known them.

Danny is a writer who became a policeman so he could write. (Long nights patrolling allow for contemplating plot/character development). He's written my mother into every one of his un-submitted to any publisher, novels. And, yes- I will be dancing with him, too.

The age range of my anticipated suitors is currently at 24- 45.

I will look as pretty as I'm going to look anytime in the near future.

I'm going to ask my brother to take a picture of looking pretty at Magnolia Manor (home to the regional offices of "Girl Scouts of America"- plus ballroom and marrying gardens for rent. If I look as pretty as I hope to, I will post it on HR.

Also, I am thinking of all the roboters in NYC this weekend. I want pictures, details.

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