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Friday Random Ten (10/7/05)
A lot of the blogs I read do the Friday Random Ten. You fire up iTunes or your iPod or whatever pisspoor iPod clone you're using, set it to random, and record the first ten tracks that come up.

Being the type of guy I am, I'm going to judge myself mercilessly on the quality of what I'm carrying around these days. Hopefully, this will become a regular Friday thing. Feel free to do the same in comments or on your own page.
  1. The Decemberists - The Legionnaire's Lament, from Castaways and Cutouts (6/10 - A fun little song, really best to demonstrate the Decemberists's tendency to write catchy tunes using either nautical terms or words that you can expect to see on the GRE)
  2. Joy Division - Digital, from Substance 1977-80 (8/10 - God, if this song hadn't come up randomly, I would have put it on myself. One of their best. "Day in, day out, day in, day out!")
  3. Miles Davis - Freddie Freeloader, from Kind of Blue (7/10 - I'm not a jazz person, for the most part, but Miles Davis has major cred. I'm scoring this one high, and hoping I personally catch up to it)
  4. Johnny Cash - Oh, What a Dream, from Love (5/10 - Johnny Cash! Sadly, not one of his best or coolest)
  5. They Might Be Giants - Pencil Rain, from Lincoln (2/10 - This would have been cool if it came up on my iPod ten years ago)
  6. Van Morrison - Steppin' Out Queen, from Into the Mystic (1/10 - This is Van Morrison in his "I suck, but not intentionally this time to get out of a contract" phase)
  7. The Magnetic Fields - You're My Only Home, from 69 Love Songs (7/10 - Not flashy, but sweet, and has that Stephin Merritt tendency to articulate exactly what I want to say)
  8. Wilco - Less Than You Think, from Bumbershoot, Seattle-Sept 2, 2002 (4/10 - Jeff Tweedy with just a little guitar. I can't remember ever actually listening to this before, but apparently I have)
  9. Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin, from Hail to the Thief (6/10 - One of my least favorite songs on this great album)
  10. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit, from The Worst of Jefferson Airplane (6/10 - Cliched, yes, but attains hipster cred for it's appearance in "Fear and Loathing..." and also by being surprisingly creepy.)

Total: 5.2 (52/100). Not the most impressive showing for a first time doing this.

(And yes, this does mean I've posted four times in the last five days. I hear that's what the cool kids are doing.)

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