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Road Trip Random Ten (10/14/05)
You should know the drill. iPod or iTunes on random, list the next 10 songs that pop up. You don't have to judge them...that's just the added benefit for me.

  1. "You Really Got Me" - The Kinks, from The Kinks Greatest Hits. (7/10 - Despite it's appearances in a lot of commercials and such, this song rocks)
  2. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone (remix feat. Jay-Z)" - Kanye West, from Late Registration. (5/10 - This is the first time I've listened to anything by Kanye West other than "Jesus Walks." Not bad, but it might take awhile for it to grow on me.
  3. "Touched" - My Bloody Valentine, from Loveless (6/10 - Not sure if this is a good song, per se, but it's interesting. As a friend said, it sounds like the tape was left on the daskboard too long.)
  4. "Avalon" - Sigur Ros, from Ageatis Byrjun (5/10 - Every once in awhile, Sigur Ros comes off like Iceland's answer to insomnia.)
  5. "Molly's Lips" - Nirvana, from Incesticide (8/10 - Brings me back to wayward high school days)
  6. "Going to Lebanon" - The Mountain Goats, from Zopilote Machine (9/10 - Part of his 8,000 "Going to..." songs. Extra points for rocking, and for coming from an obscure out of print album that is really quite good.)
  7. "Street Fighting Man" - The Rolling Stones, from Beggar's Banquet (7/10 - The time is, in fact, right for fighting in the streets)
  8. "King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1" - Neutral Milk Hotel, from Live in San Francisco (8/10 - Live version of one of the most striking opening songs from any album)
  9. "Dog Days" - Matthew Dear, from Leave Luck to Heaven (8/10 - Calm, groovy shoegaze music. One of the better random downloads from my mp3 blogs)
  10. "Shine a Light" - Wolf Parade, from Apologies to the Queen Mary (10/10 - I have been listening to this song at least twice a day for the last couple weeks. Abandon your Franz Ferdinand crap and listen to this instead)
Final score, 7.3/10. And a couple really rocking songs, to boot.

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