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Happy Birthday Victoria!
[For those stepping in mid-reel, this is all in reference and apology for a thoughtless but complicated prank Chris and I pulled on everyone--pretending to travel to Milwaukee for Victoria's 21st birthday. Unfortunately, we neglected to let anyone in on the joke, and caused a bit of, ummm, a ruckus.]

I hope Biff doesn't get too angry. I would have loved to meet him, and see just the type of guy he is. More importantly, I would have loved to meet you, and ushered in a proper era of drinking along with everyone else. Instead, this will have to do.

I'm a bit shocked that, out of everyone on the robot, you are the only one who suspected that we might not be crazy enough to actually do something like this.

This was originally intended to be just a joke on the New York robots. It got out of hand quickly, and we just went with it.

My 21st birthday sucked. Honestly. Here's hoping yours doesn't. Seriously.

And here are some of the tools we put into place, to get this handy.

  • Google Maps, quite possibly the most useful thing in the world for traveling...especially useful if you don't actually travel, and need to know what towns you'll be passing.
  • Interstate 80 Exit Guide, for just in case you need to refer to rest stops and "Highest Point East of the Mississippi" signs.
  • Weather Reports to give your updates just that little bit of verisimilitude.
  • A reputation for stupidity and not thinking things through. Not always the best thing for getting along with people, but it makes stupid things sound believable.
  • Stay off happyrobot while it's happening. Rich has things that can track your IP, identify if you're logged on even if you don't do anything, and can tell how much you've had to drink.
  • An iPod. You just need one of those, regardless.
  • Friends who want to believe you.

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