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Born to Be Kings
Okay, sing it with me.

Because before we're all Dust in the Wind, you just gotta rock out with Queen's "Princes of the Universe."

You can't argue with it. You can't even fucking stop it. You just let it wash all over you. You can't top it.

It zigs. It even fucking zags. But at it's core, its the age old story of an immortal, roaming the Earth looking for love and people to decapitate.

I am immortal!
I have inside me blood of kings (Yeah, yeah!)
I have no rival

That's so true. Who can't identify with that? Who?

So we got it. We're floating along. We've got this fucking song down, and there's nothing Queen can do other than...wait, what's this?

Born to be kings, princes of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand.

You don't even see it coming! You're on the floor! They could totally just fuck you up right now, maybe even cut off your fucking head with a sword.

But no. The slow part comes in. Gives you a hand off the ground.

People talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Got to pass the test first time, yeah
I know that people talk about me
I hear it every day
But I can prove them wrong 'cause I'm right first time

They just want to take you to the future of the earth.

Alright, let's go, let's go
Haha! this man fly
Bring on the girls

There's nothing else, really, to say.

Except there's no band like Queen.

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