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2011: My year in review in photos

How was your 2011? Ours was not bad. Below are a lot of photos of our year.

Let's Go Montserrat
The View #2938


My Birthday

Hudson comes to visit


Wintertime Trip out to the Hamptons


Montreal. Eat.
Hola/Bonjour/Hello Montreal
St-Viateur Bagel

Restaurant Toque: Foie Gras (and some pasta and some foam)

Surprise Party interupted by NCAA Basketball

Dinner Party

Jeff and Frauke Get Married
Glorious Monday
Jeff & Frauke Get Married: City Hall

Lisa May, Craig, and Ella come visit

Junior comes for a visit

Taro Sushi. Still awesome but in new location.

New Bike!
Things I've owned: Bikes - Part III (AKA You have to ride the bike)
Nueva bicicleta

There were martinis
Dirty. Extra olives. With Jessica.

Early morning headed to the Tour de Cure 100-mile ride
5-something o'clock.

After a week in Myrtle Beach with Family we come back to NYC for actual seafood
What I did this summer: Family Vacation 2011
Oysters. Not fried.

Serge Day 2011


We go to Queens for tacos and ices

Bocci in Corona

4th of July at the Lozachs
4th of July Dinner

Hello Julian
Julian checks in at the Clover Club

France: Brittany, Champagne, and Cognac
Hello France - Butter in Brittany

Oh, Butter

Vineyard: Abbey at Hautvillers

My Room

The View From My Room

Krug Clos du Mesnil

Hennessy Cellars

Awesome CSA
CSA Bounty

Brooklyn gets bike parking spots
Bike parking spots!

There's a robot
There's a robot in the shop

This is Lily. She's a nut
Teenage puppy is awkward and full of angst

Time-Lapse California and Tortillas and Wine
Ladies! And Mark!

New Job = Lots of Travel
Good Morning Idaho and/or Utah

Neighbor Underwear
Nice underpants neighbor!

Mystery Weekend in Portland
Fifty Hours in Portland (AKA Mystery Weekend in Portland)
Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

Then there was lobster

Ruby Arrives
The New Robot Kitty Arrives
Hello World

Friendsgiving 2011
FriendsGiving couch

Thanksgiving in California 2011
TurkeyDay 2011: Hello LA
Bacon wrapped pork with stuffing.

Getty Center: Stop looking so pretty.

Key West
Hello Key West: 72 hours at the bottom of Florida
Shiver's Bar-b-q


Tired Kitten is Tired
Kitten: Tired

Nice! Looking forward to more food in 2012
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