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Life is good

Today should be "Life is good day"
Pony is right. Generally, life is good. Especially when you compare our plights to the rest of the world.

Life is good
I finally figured out that I have been wearing the wrong sized underwear all these years (medium? My ass is a small) and my pants fit much better.

My cat likes me.

I get to see my foxy wife in various states of undress every day.

My parents are taking all the kids (i.e. all two of us + spouses + baby) to the beach this summer.

My bed is comfortable and my pillow is soft and spongey in the right way.

At work, they have too much work for me.

All my shoes are comfortable.

There is leftover Peking Duck in my refrigerator.

I have found places to get good coffee in every neighborhood I frequent.

Matt & Jackie had us over for grilled meat the other night. They have such a nice porch.

I am drought proof as far as my alcohol collection is concerned.

NYC is still standing.

My computers are all humming happily for once.

I am sleeping fine. Usually.

Grandma passed away, but she so rocked and I miss her, but hopefully she's in heaven doing gardening so that's good.

Our dry cleaner guy does a fine job with our clothes.

The butcher shop down the street stocks lots of food that would be classified as "yums".

Mrs. Robot is my wife.

My nephew is a pretty handsome little baby.

There are a number of bottles of wine on my desk at work which has to be a good thing.

I stopped a purse snatcher a week ago.

My parents aren't crazy or ill or carnies.

happyrobot putters along.

Mrs. Robot gave me a really nice watch this year, and I still think "what a nice watch" every time I look at it.

Lisa May being a mom makes me happy.

We have plenty of stamps.

stamps. i need stamps.
»n8 ||  6/1/2005 ||  2:17:22 PM
wow. thanks for the compliment. you just made my day, week, year, life - thanks, friend!
»lisa ||  6/1/2005 ||  2:34:08 PM
Yay!!!! Happy times are here again. My parents are also not carnies!
»binx ||  6/1/2005 ||  2:36:50 PM
If your parents were carnies, you could have friends like the bearded lady and the fattest man in the world! Think about it.
»pony ||  6/1/2005 ||  2:43:34 PM
Another good thing: Palindromes

»klutch.xls ||  6/1/2005 ||  2:55:28 PM
you seriously thought you were medium underwear? heee.

»pony ||  6/1/2005 ||  3:04:10 PM
Rachael is hot!
»kristen ||  6/1/2005 ||  3:13:16 PM
happyrobot is good.
»elanamatic ||  6/1/2005 ||  4:06:17 PM
HIgh Five on well fitting underwear.
»eve ||  6/1/2005 ||  6:08:19 PM
drought-proof alcohol, great significant other, leftover peking duck...sounds rock solid to me!
»victoria ||  6/1/2005 ||  6:21:31 PM
to quote TV (and not when he found a bug): awesome!
»liz ||  6/1/2005 ||  10:05:06 PM
I like your list.
»vera ||  6/2/2005 ||  9:41:50 AM
the comfortable shoe thing is so satisfying.
I'm happy for you, skinny white boy.
»anne ||  6/2/2005 ||  10:16:45 AM
hey no way! we caught a purse snatcher on our block too. coupla guys from the neighborbood held him with baseball bats while matty j called the cops. was really so exciting everyone has to admit, but too bad it had to happen at 5:45 am!!!! ps yes, ok, your nephew is v.cute, but he's a boy so different graph altogether.
»jj ||  6/2/2005 ||  10:34:48 AM

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