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Flashback from November 27

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There is a fabled bud of pot in my flokati rug that I remember dropping there two years ago...

- Shall we reminisce?

No, we shall dance.

- would that we would

You are so beautiful to see printed. I love century gothic as a font. So delicate and art deco – to me.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Santa Monica, California

I'm a bit stagnant. I've stayed in the house for practically two days. It has been blissful and allowed me to digest the wilmington visit.

I have gorged. I have feasted. I have made merry with ale and vine.

But I have a spot on my arse. I have gained a stomach and a chin.

I have a cold today that I think I manifested.

Tomorrow. Ahhh sweet tomorrow is the day of reckonsence.

KCRW is currently playing a version of ‘la vie en rose' en francaise.

At age 33, I am solidifying my understanding of cases in languages.

I am a slow learner – preferring to digest my prey slowly.

I saw the snake museum in wilmington – sure high. It was fabulous. I imagine there is nothing to compare with it in the world. They had asps. Portugeuse fighting snakes. Pythons, tree snakes... gorgeous. I have had no dreams about them.

I did loads of tarot this weekend. I felt very witch-y and magical.

Now to look at the photos on this goodbye to debauchery day... a fond farewell.

Whilst mark is at a 70mm 3-hour print of ‘lawrence of arabia'..

So much digesting time.

I even imagined conceiving a child. very strange.
Last night's dream was easy to remember. My mother ran a lonely visitor's shelter - sort of like an order of hospitality thing. greg gulas was there. I was returning there from sheltering someone - kristen shaughnessy maybe? perhaps not so easy to remember.

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