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A Few Thoughts on the Likes/Dislikes of lovers

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I like having lovers. I like being loved.

I have had four lovers and about 16 sex lovers. I have kissed probably 27 men. I have yet to kiss a woman (or make love to one), but I'm saving that for my 50's deos concedes.

I enjoy kissing. It is an art to me. If you can't kiss...

Not kissing is a sign of doom to me.

I enjoy SPACE in the sense that I need to be alone. I do not like a cloying lover. This annoys me to be 'with' all the time. If it happens, the lover gets a message.

Now this SPACE is only after the initial frenzy of obsession that I like to have in the beginning. After the dance, I enjoy spending every waking hour with lover - laughing, eating, fornicating, kissing, walking, drinking, all of it. I enjoy the honeymoon greatly.

I like a lover that enjoys marijuana. I am a pot person. I have had mostly lovers who enjoy alcohol the best. One enjoyed adrenaline, and one was a nature boy (who liked pot BETTER than alcohol, but preferred zen).

I like a lover that likes science fiction.

I like a lover that will tell me to fuck off when I need to be told that.

I don't like a lover who kisses my arse.

I like well read lovers, but well versed in music can compensate for this.

I have never had a lover who didn't like the replacements.

I like lusty lovers. One lover kissed me in the rain. It was fabulous. I like lovers who INSIST on having sex with me - who want to devour me (racy!).

I like lovers who have their own art... be it music, cameras, writing, web paging, cooking, etc.

I like lovers who let me decorate. I like lovers who like colour.
Colour is a huge thing with me, and I am quite particular.

I like lovers who dress to please themselves and don't worry what I think about them.

I like lovers who think everyone in the world is crazy but the two of us.

I like lovers who like to walk and camp and listen to vinyl and play instruments.

I like lovers who have tons of friends.

I usually choose lovers who have fabulous mothers.

I don't like lovers who don't worship me.

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