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An exchange between a past lover and me

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From: kent
To: kristen

exactly. i guess that's the beauty of "eloping". no fake smiles, drunks, judging glances, and congratulations to deal with. just a few glasses of wine, a good meal, sex and a sound sleep. oh, and in the morning i didn't have to drive to work and it was organic gardens and pacific ocean outside. that was cool. and the coffee was good. and there was a llama eating hay. marriage was pretty cool. now it's the same as before.

From: Kristen
To: Kent
Subject: the vows
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:17:16 -0800

I wonder if taking your vows was the same for you...

when I was taking mine it was so weird. I was thinking 'this is marriage. I am being married now. hmmmm. " Then afterward, just afterward, it was like I felt exactly the same as before.

but I was married.

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