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A Toss Up

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hmmmm, this one is a hard one to start. I usually don't write things that don't write themselves, but this will be short, and I think it is beginning now.

I was going to and will be going to write about my time in and out of the home (what mark and I call the crazy ward at duplin general med center).

But fuck that.

I want to write to you about alec. (for accuracy sakes, he is the guitarist/backing vocals for the holy ghost).

The first thing I ever knew about alec was that he was this really young guy who would hang around and that he was a genius and shit and his dad was an editor in chief at omni magazine. (As any good daughter of an intellectual, I loved that omni).

He has also a legend of being in wilmington touring with his band - goat where they shouldn't be - and playing play station for the longest of anyone (I think with rachel)...

Well children, I saw the holy ghost play at Spaceland last night.

It fucking rocked my socks off. It was like watching a performance.
They are musical proficiency and je ne sais quoi. Pageantry. Valor.
Pain. Bitchin' stage moves. Passion and authenticity coming out of their fingernails. Interesting instruments - not your usual, fender, rickenbacher, pearl/yamaha.....

They dressed well too.

The drummer was a kick ass girl named angel. The bass player (who rocks in a thousand different languages) is cute and seems very smart.
The lead singer is captivation once you get over scoffing at the robert plant hair.

All in all, good clean rock. I honestly loved it, and didn't expect to (after seeing a frankly mediocre show from an acquaintance the previous evening). It was raucous.

I even bought a t-shirt with my own money. I rarely if ever do this because I'm so cheap, but I really wanted to. I even couldn't find my other five, and got the shirt from dan (who is great too) for a sixer (of bills).

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