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a kind of mood

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I'm in a shitty mood today.
I'm having a very shitty shift in my life.
But shit grows flowers.


Nothing has gone right for me today IMHO...
in fact, a great number of things have gone pear shaped.

I'm not too pissed about staying at the hotel chelsea for $195 (+tax, tag and title). I need to be alone. I am horrible. I need to get drunk on expensive red wine and cry and listen to music. I'm even working up the courage to ask the concierge where to get weed. I'll be very gracious about it. I think a $20 will do, but then again, I'm a totally non-confrontational wimp.

I have prayed out loud today.

I know i am very lucky.
I know I am very lucky, but
fuck it homeless and prisoners and abu gharibers, y'all don't know what it's like being wealthy, middle class, and white.

I feel pain too.

it's like a corkscrew through my heart, and I'm shocked.

I'm floored.
I'm flying sideways because I can't rely on you to get me there.

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