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Memories of Academia and Things My Cats Taught Me

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When lovely Reba was in town, we went to a yardsale on seventh street.
It was fabulous (although I've misplaced the perfect banana republic black cardigan). I bought a big dictionary for $5. This replaced the paperback one that I had gotten from Kent in one of our divorces (which he pointed out on his last visit).

In my last post, I misspelled horribly prostylize (postylize?). I realized this when I couldn't find it in said dictionary.

However, seeing the book of words defined reminded me of a game we played in college. Remember college? We were all bored and thinking that life would unfold wonderfully and that we wouldn't even be friends after life took us on it's fabulous voyage.

At least that was out experience.

We would drink miller high life on one of our two porches (mike and kent lived in one duplex and chuck and I lived in the neighboring duplex)... the boys would chainsmoke (and kent's girlfriend laura would sometimes join us and she smoked). Sometimes, when we would go camping at the park with the stone and covered bridge, I would buy a pack of Kool's (paul westerburg was reported to smoke these and I LOVED the
name) and smoke them. Sometimes I would buy Virginia Slim Menthol Lights in homage to first stepmonster Ann.

Well, often we would wonder what our collective futures would hold.

A game we would play would be to say "this next word is the meaning of your life". One of us (usually kent or I as we were the dictators) would open the great book and read the odd word. Sometimes we would ask respondent to choose a page - say five through 378 then a number 1- say 23. This added a bit more control to the future.

Sometimes, we would play the game of making up meanings to words. I hear this is an actual game. I also hear that there is a word for the picking of a random line to predict life's course. (I believe we also/I also used 'hamlet' to predict as well).

Oh college. It was so nice to have my kid fears.

I was more suicidal than ever then. I was scared of the chasm.

One of the things that drew me to chuck was that I heard he once would sit on the bridge linking north campus to commuter lot E and just sit there and smoke and be depressed.

I liked that. I could understand that.

Part Two:

My cats.

I have three. I will get Padz in the divorce (or maybe I won't).

They have taught me to stretch. They stretch all the time.

They have taught me that food is the only thing necessary - and water.

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