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On the Advice of My Psychic Sidekick

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The advice is not bad.

I am to meditate and write.

Upon leaving my session, I mentioned as an aside (because she had mentioned to gulas that she became physically ill and mortally frightened upon the election of GW the first time)...
that it wasn't a political problem but a spiritual problem.

You realize this don't you?

Who gives a shit what kerry, bush, nader, clinton, and clinonette et al think?

My country (the united states of america) to which I was luckily (?) born into is a plutocracy. In order to clarify this for you (as our school systems are degenerating into a trivial pursuit training ground) I shall explain plutocracy to my best understanding:

Plutocracy comes from Pluto. This 'god' was one of death and riches and darkness and gold and envy. Pluto wasn't bad (nothing is ever black and white). He was grey.

A plutocracy is one in which the wealthy rule.

I like religion. It has fabulous uses. Every religion should be innately (a nod to you n8) fundamentalist in me 'humble. All of the 'founders' of the major religions seem like good men (in a nod to kent). Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, and Abraham all had strong and amazing women in their lives. They supported these women. All major religions have the shadow of women at their core. Think about it.


We have degenerated my kindern. We now use Jesus and Pope and Isreal and Buddha to support our unthinking allegiance to teams: I'm on the blue/jesus/catholic/jew team. My team can kick your teams ass. Fuck you other teams.

I once read in the beginning of a burroughs novel that he said the only way our planet will ever get over its innate stupidity of division would be if an alien ship from another planet were to hover and threaten to destroy us.

Doesn't this seem madness?

This is just my opinion.

But my opinion matters a lot. I value my opinions a great deal. I value my fear. I value you.

I want you to teach me. I want you to teach me more than to laugh and to rail and to bemoan. I want you to tell me more than a great movie to watch - a great album to listen to - a great poem to read.

I want you to tell me you care. I want you to tell me that you want to change the world. I want you to tell me that you lie awake at night and think of that abu ghariber getting an iron shoved up his ass by your countrymen.

I want you to tell me that women wearing burkhas makes you sad. I saw one in New York.. a young girl wearing a burkha on the train/subway.
She smelled of BO and had a young child in tow. He was a male and didn't wear a burhka (neither did the adult male accompanying her). I looked at her with my eyes. I looked at her above my stylish ensemble, and I was compassionate. She wasn't free, and she didn't even know it.

Do you know you are not free? You work for the weekend and then tell yourself your still young lions. You pay your rent and rail against the man. You vote in your boxes. You love your lover. You laugh.
You may pray.

We are all going to die. We have died millions of times before.

When that cat died before you, did you notice how strange it was - the flicker of life?

What the fuck is that?

I want love more than I want air. I have thought of dying, and I truly believe the (spinoza?) axiom: the only true philosophical question is suicide.

I hate teevee. I hate that I watch it so that I can feel more connected to you. It is an abyss, and it stares at me like it wants to fuck me hard.

Screw me. I am prostelyzing to you. I am being sanctimonious. I want you to give a dollar to a homeless person once in your life. I want you to look at that homeless person and realize that you were him. You are human.

I am a hypocrite.

You will die.

It is a spiritual problem.

It is not a political problem.

I don't know how to grow my own food besides to water it and stick it in some sun.

I want money.

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