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Again with the nothing

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Such a cute thing to hear the little tap tap of the keys as I write this.

It is 9:15 in the pm here in lost angeles.

I am alone. I am watching a broadcast of 'independence day'. The scene which willheim once told of about the dog in the tunnel hatch now makes sense to me... it was the last scene just now before the commercial.

I am alone, and although I crave my aloneness at times, currently, I am lonely. I realize that this will be the crux of my life now - being alone and doing things alone. I really don't have the hope that mark will want to hang out with me. Naturally, it probably will be a bit of a cool-off once we separate.

Yes, surely, it's the right thing to do. Yes, and hell.

This little babysitter I have (the job) is strange to me.

Everything is strange to me. My own face (which I can see reflected in the han solo chewie mirror beside me) seems strange to me. She looks at me with facile blank eyes.


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