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I am writing this on Sunday, April 24th. I believe it is the first day of Passover. There is to be a full moon tonight with a lunar eclipse in scorpio. This is supposed to bring interesting and bizarre things into my life. We'll see. I am saving this missive as a draft as I am afraid of innundating rich with too much content. There is a vague fear that he will not post all of my five that I have written today.
There is a slight fear that he will think I am manic. (I am not, and believe me gentle reader, I would know better than any of you were I.
Also believe that I wouldn't hide it from you. I am nervous. I am a fool. I am afraid of the unknown, and writing has always been my touchstone - my savior as it were).

That said:

My last summer in Athens, mike and I went to a dryvn' and cryn' (if I remember correctly) show where there were to be "special guests". We all knew it was going to be michael stipe and mike mills.

There we were in the new 40 watt. It was run by pete buck's ex-wife.
We were blase. REM was like the house band. I remember being a bit embarrassed to listen to REM in Athens as it seemed so silly and cliche and expected.

So the special guests were in full tilt. They played one song. This song was "this one goes out to the one I love". It was fabulous. At this point, we were not teenagers. We were 21 or 22 and knew that this song was not the love song we had thought but rather about some fling stipe had had and left.

Stipe sang the lyrics as they should truly be: "this one goes out to the one I fucked". It was merry. We were all in on the joke. Athens as it should truly be (and it is a great town to those of you that have never been. It is a brigadoon for me.)

One would think that stipe didn't care about the one he fucked and left behind.

But he did write a quite famous song about this poor fucker, and I think that says he loved him.

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