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a bit of utne

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Utne has always been a thing with me. Although I was raised as mainstream as the missisissippi, I am really counter-culture I suppose.
Although would I be as I love culture and am almost isolationist in my desire to have languages and specific cultures maintained...

When eric left... when nina cut back her responsibilities... when they ran that american spirit ad to make money... when they pulled it...
when a lot of the staff moved on for their visionquest beginnings...
when they changed to glossy paper...


A perusal of Utne may-june 2005. Oh yes, I am a 3-year subscriber...
on the bus late, but on the bus. Gulas unsubscribed because he found this magazine a call to arms of all the things he doesn't do, but gets depressed because he doesn't.

I cry easily. The article that made me cry today was.... let me flip...'just a small town boy" on pg. 80. It was about viroqua, WI.
The community at first rejected a reading from two known homosexuals.
This daunted the writer, but then the community signed a petition and got twice the signatures as the opposition petition... AND the community wives continued a dialogue to not isolate the others.
beautiful. fucking hopeful...

Things I learned from this utne:

1. Perhaps I was wrong to pity that woman with the veil. Apparently, many view it as a fashion freedom/choice/statement.

2. Natural childbirth is cool. Apparently, it's very natural and you're supposed to squat and not look at it as an illness.

3. "unfettered truthfulness ... can be every bit as cruel as habitual lying".

4. Never be blind to the ineffable drollery of it all.

5. I love vandana shiva ever more.

6. hitchiking is still alive, and I will view it as an option if 'all goes pear-shaped'.

7. my boss is surreal.

8. pot is money now and is getting recognized.

9. toronto is way cool and is a headliner in indie 'zine scene...

10. There is a dvd about poor fucked argentina "argentina in hard times"

11. fuck yeah... futurism is not as fun as it was... neutra, nehru suits, frank lloyd right, 2001...white, pink, colours and something je ne sais quoi.

12. Hippies dressing badly and sillily is a view shared by another...

13. I may one day live in viroqua.

... and I've not even finished it.

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