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ADDENDUM to a few hundred words

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I suppose I should have put spoiler alert since I gave away the ending to one move and told what the gun was for hitchhiker's guide, but I didn't.

I wouldn't have thought one person on the robot, besides me, has seen 'unbelievable truth' by hal hartley; and knowing what the gun was would likely enhance the hitchhiker experience in me 'umble...

Also, for the record, my email inbox contained my astrology daily thing, some shit from unfuddled b. shankers and the like, and a paypal update, and no friends rushing to assure me that they were sorry they maligned me in public and such.

Honestly, vera, for whatever it's worth, no fears: I have never (and perhaps rich can verify) seen any other negative comments on anyone's comment field - besides on my stuff. Perhaps this is a compliment. oy vey. Perhaps it is an honour that people get stirred up by me.

Now the itunes has chosen "one more for my baby, and one more for the road". I can never again hear this without thinking of johnny.

Cyrus. You will likely never write me again. Fuck, if only you had tried me. It would have been interesting to see if we disappointed each other. Just that chance would be a gift, but alas and alack. It reminds me of the tom waits song: i hope that I don't fall in love with you because fallin' in love just makes me blue.

Spoiler. spoiled. spoils of war.

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