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This is an attempt to rectify a column that I pulled recently. It's the first time I've ever done that due to lack of verve.


This month's space calendar is a colorful rendition of the crab nebula.


Things I believe in. Things that are hooey I believe.

Doesn't everyone read astrology when a tween? I am constantly surprised at the people I know who will identify with their sign or ask me about astrology stuff. I suppose, in my small circle, I am the best expert available.

I "studied" astrology due to a great desire to not feel lost. I wanted to know what the fuck was up with me. I am a scorpio, and we are supposed to be the most powerful sign in the pantheon. We are deep.
We are intense. Our motto is "I desire".

I am sagittarius in almost every other regard. My moon, venus, and jupiter are in this sign. I am on the cusp of scorpio/sagittarius. I first got hooked by astrology when I was in a bookstore in the mall and learned that there was such a thing as a moon sign. I looked mine up and I was supposed to have a powerful attraction to gemini's. This explained the fucked-up attraction to kent, and I was appeased.
Sagittarius is fire, learning, freedom, travel, adventure, laughter.
So, I have two poles. This appeases me.

Of course, there is the supposition by myself that I have created the flavor/structure of my personality by power of suggestion. This doesn't really concern me. Any structure will do as I am suspect of all of them.

My one interesting thought is that perhaps all the stars we see are already gone and they were once impacted in our existence and we have molecules breathed at birth from these. It is a poorly explained belief, but when I'm stoned, I can totally spin it.

(Mark and I once had a real argument when I asked if you had a telescope that could reach light years across the galaxy, would we see the past? What? huh?)

Palmistry: Yeah, i've had my hand read. It was a nice balm. I look at my star of apollo and think 'go dammit go' - create like a fucker fuck.

Religion: When we had a day in social studies in second grade and looked at the religions of the world, one of them was taoism. It resonated with me.

Since, I have supposed buddhist or unitarianist. I heartily believe in reincarnation (ask me about the church deciding to tell of the virgin birth instead of the reincarnation theory). I believe in it as a "we've done all this before a million billion times and will do it infinity for some reason". I also sometimes wonder if this is a school. I have seen my guardian angel, and I have painted her.

Kalpha: this is described as an immeasurable amount of time - an attempt to explain it was the time it takes for an angel to descend on a mile-high piece of iron once every hundred years - and a kalpha would be the time it takes for the iron to erode to flatness. This scares me. This is a black hole (isn't there one at the center of our universe? Isn't as below so below applicable).

Indra's net (or indira's net): the fact that we are all connected. A net of actions that affect every object and reaction.

yin and yang: makes so much sense.


The wild card.

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