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Two Beers, a Friday, and the Number Thirteen

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I'm in a good frame o' mind.

I thought I might tickle the plastic onyx-es.

"I'm four sheets to the wind, and I'm glad you're gone. I'm glad you're gone, but I wish you'd come home... cause the dawn was cracking hard just like a... and my old sportcoat full of promissory notes... kicking your ass in a cold-blooded fashion... " - tom waits

I just wrote someone that they could do worse than be infatuated with me. I believe this. Fuck yeah.

I may hurt a man/woman with my emotional diarrhea, but there must be some fertile plain upon which they could seed upon me.

Many have tried.

Many have succeeded.

I have failed. I have won. I have tried.

Stories I'm telling you.

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