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Party Girl and wilmington, north carolina

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I've just come to accept that sunny, spring/summer sundays are going to make me homesick for wilmington. These were the times when me and fox and gulas and jungle and mike and kent and kristen (and sometimes meghan and rogers) or any combination of the former (and I feel like I'm forgetting someone) would sit in our backyard and have a cookout.

Those of the mind would smoke pot from the never-ending supply. (then of course the simpsons, family guy, futurama thing). We would drink beer - shoot the shit and just be five year plus buddies that we all were. It is a good town. good times. good times.

Sometimes the latestayers would watch a movie on mark's bitchin' audio/video set-up. Introducing people to 'baraka' was a fave of mine.
One of my favorite times was having a reluctant steve fox enraptured by 'lord of the rings'. I went to bed.

Also hearing of steve fox's stories of visiting rich people in castles in the netherlands was fun - and craig roger's exploits in france and amsterdam and the boob cruise... and the cuculorus film festival. good times. good times.

We have a lost angeles buddy - alps - who used to come to the film festival every year and be so sweet to us and compliment the wilmington scene and comaraderie and joie de vivre (as all out of towners do - no shit. It's a fun place to visit, but never perfect).... It is funny to hear - once i moved to LA - alps call us all stagnant loser stoners.
I'm not being mocking. It does amuse me. We never see the boulder in our own eye. I am the first in line.


Jane put a hot poker on my ass last night, and we went to the fake-U2 show (for those keeping score, this is our second show). I told her I was going to not become a groupie if they didn't play at least 'gloria' or 'party girl'. My fucking god, it was a hoot.

It was a club called vertigo - oh yes my children. The first song was vertigo. The third or fourth song was that trick song that turns into "gloria"!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have seen me jump up like a punk rocker. I was gleeeful (and you have to take all of this with the fact that we all - band included- are laughing our asses off on the inside ((although you can see there are a few 'true believers' - and they are mostly fat plain sweet girls)) ). I danced so hard and bouncy that my stretchy pants slid down to my vaginal level, but lest you gasp and faint - I was wearing my yardsale beige girdle. The crowd didn't laugh at me. And that brings me to tell you what a happy crowd it was.
Everyone was generous and goofy and happy.

Post U2 - it was an eighties dance thing: joy division, omd, smiths, pixies, etc... Picture it, jane and I dancing on stage with 25-year-old birthday girl mimi to (I can' t really recall, so I'll just say...) 'there is a light that never goes out' by the smiths. I was in my bare feet. Jane was in her rose cowboy hat. I had a shirt that said "hello i love you" subtly emblazed (beige on light brown)... It was HIGHlarious. I loved the girl that looked just like that anouk? girl from simple men. She had a black dress, danced just like her, and red high heels. In fact, it was excellent people watching. On the other side of the club was more tradish dj-ing (in that I mean modern). The scene was a HOOT over there. Boobs and tudes and fun and mischief.

I haven't had my ego pumped up like that since I was new blood in wilmington. Let's see, I had one huge stare. One lady ask me to dance (when I suggested the more popular jane - she said "I asked you" and rolled her eyes and stomped away. One lady tell me that I was soooo hot and touch dance with me (i was indeed a bit uncomfortable, but went with it in jumpy way). I had some dude taking pictures of me (and of course jane). Several just basic hit-on overtures (I can deflect these in my sleep so barely notice them - not being arrogant - some guys go for anything - 100% of the shots you don't take are gonna miss
((gretzky)) ). Some guys asking jane and I if we wanted any ecstasy.

I asked jane, and she said to the dude "how much?". The dude said "free but you have to hang out with us".

People that think ecstasy makes you want to fuck a lightpost are ignorant of the drug. I would thank the gods to get some if my father is ever on his deathbed. We could really talk. My favorite thing I've said on ecstasy (taken it four times in five years not that I have to explain shit-all to you (insert cutesy symbol) )...... mark and I in vegas on marriage night (2/29//00 for those in the need to know)...... "walkin' slow is fun" (My natural walking pace is quite brisk).

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