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I will leave it up to you to guess which ones I would like to do stoned or making love/fucking:

1. snowshoe
2. see macchu picchu
3. smoke pot at a hashish bar in amsterdam
4. meditate for a week
5. go to an ashram in india and see a guru
6. help the poor and grieving and bath the dirty
7. go to a fabulous therapist that talks like a god
8. go to delphi
9. see the aurora borealus
10. be in norway for the winter solstice
11. go to mardi gras
12. go to carnival
13. go to paris in spring
14. go to the south of france in late summer
15. see africa
16. be happy forever
17. look at my old sagging teats and know that it was all worth it
18. dive off of a cliff
19. have a garden where lavender, cilantro, tomatoes, basil, and gardenias and lemons grow
20. see a meteor shower or fifty 21. swim in the ocean when the phosphorescent things are out
22. go on a yoga retreat
23. make love and stay in bed all day in amsterdam
24. go to a WTO protest damn mad
25. write a real, tangible screenplay
26. paint something seen and real
27. go to a u2 concert
28. drink harp in killarney
29. visit the sutherland homeland in scotland
30. drink wine at a cafe in some obscure town in italy
31. visit venice
32. visit the site where the trojan war was
33. see the pyramids
34. drink honeymeade in new orleans
35. sit on the backporch listening to van morrison and watching lightning bugs
36. take ecstasy with my father 37. play roulette in monaco
38. take a ship from america to europe
39. zen monastary in japan
40. drink absinthe in amsterdam
41. get married on the rock of gibraltar (optional)
42. picnic in a field of flowers
43. take the orient express and solve a mystery
44. get a facial from some la person
45. get a high colonic
46. fast for a week
47. stay at the ice hotel
48. sleep on a waterbed
49. interview someone for interview magazine
50. see lava
51. see the black forest
52. hike and stay in hostels in the mountains of europe
53. play shuffleboard


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