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In wilmington, it was about pot. I would tell mike that we had to often put aside the crutch to see if we could walk.

Lately, it is mark. beer. wine. pot. telly. internet. food. ego.

I awoke late today after being in a dream where reba, eric, jungle, kristen, adam, etc. went to an environmental expo where river road meets third street area (where they were now building an excellent grocery store finally). I had tentatively heard of it but decided to do my usual - nothing.

I somehow went there after it was ending. Some girl was heavily hitting on mark. Everyone had ignored me and I was the left out non-essential hurt girl I was so often in high school. (crutch).

They were all joyfully swimming in the sea. I tentatively/boldly swam out to see all those I love who had not invited me to the summit. The sea was much more inland than usual - and more lakeish. I was swimming out alone to meet the crowd of the all. I saw reba, karen, and kristen. They all had the same glossy haircut with highlights - the kind I've never maintained. I swam back in - turned around.

The waves were very turbulent and the surf was hard - like it is on some shores when you're returning - that circular pounding. I knew I had to be calm and let them ride over me and then get out in the pause.
I did this.

Jungle had followed me. It made all the difference.

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