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to my pitifulest pity-filled party... Please don your black hat.

I have cried twice (so far) today.

This morning was sob-fest. Listened to 'romeo and juliet' and thought of mark and the pain and agony that he can't well distract himself from as he's unemployed and sitting at home. Fuck. Last night when we were talking of my apartment, he verified that it really sucked to live with me because he was in love with me, and it was unrequited.

ah pain hello. I wish it could be different. How I wish.

The second time I cried - and it was only briefly - was when I returned from signing my lease. It is awful. I'm probably getting ripped off, but I just want it to be over with... get the bandaid off. Now I have about seven twenties in my bank account, but June is paid.

Mother fucker.

I really liked Frost's column, and it saddens me that he isn't writing anymore. He said fuck a lot.

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