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Oh, it's all bravado meine Kindernen. (and I'm not sure how I feel about the EU being fucked. I sort of wanted someone to kick the United States' ass - as in our fucked up government - not individuals/civilian).

I'm a mess, but I'll entertain you.

Mark had the biggest fight 2005 with me last night. It was about me 'ovel. Yeah, the place is indeed a shithole (I spent ten minutes in it tonight and will sleep there shortly), but it will do. It will do.

Once I get that shitty oak dresser out of there.


Yeah, that dude that I'm all in love with and shit could care less about me and the shards of my heart y dignity, but hey, I'm used to it.

Very few can stand me. They think I'm an intense fire and little realize how boring I am day to day. For chissake, I read magazines and drink coffee.

So, off to the porch for a mercy smoke. I've shuffled the tarot deck, so fuck you if you think I'm a fool. In fact, that's one of the tarot cards: fool. It's meaning (if you believe that hoooey) is to jump off a cliff and begin.

I love you.

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