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A Vagina. A Brain. vs. You're evil when you're with me...

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A Vagina. A Brain

I wonder if, when my mother named me, she knew that I would always be kristen leigh martin.

I'm sure she thought I would marry and change my name to Kristen Martin Blank.

Often I think of the brain.

Of my body carrying my brain from task to task making it compute things and do tasks - direct all the shit.

Even now, my brain is telling my fingers to type this. They can type fast now. I am in the prime of my life, and it shows. The wrinkles in my eyes are only starter wrinkles. The sagging is miniscule.

The vagina.

It's the soul.

You're evil when you're with me...

and jealous when we're apart.

This lyric has been going on in my head for days now.

What does it mean?

I've written five solstices in the last four hours.

I'm prolific, but dead of course.

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