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Quick and Dirty + Charming

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Quick and Dirty
The movie is actually called "the decline of the american empire".

They talk about sex y stuff. I have paused it a bit - put the whole thing on pause. One of the images was on diane when the subtitle was "you musn't make fun of their penuses". Quell droll.

You know I am crazy.

I find it odd that - after watching this flick - (and I'm not through) that I won't be screwed. Odd. Look at me. I'm hot. I noticed today that I don't have a double chin. I am a very good conversationalist, but I'm not being screwed at all.

Even my estranged husband.


It affirms my life.

Oh the need to be affirmed. Such shit.

The movie is all about intellectuals and talking versus doing.

Me? It's all about instinct. I move like a cat. My cats have taught me much.


It's like candy. I'm amazed that I'm half through the bottle and bono was right.

Do you see me in this picture?

I am thirty-three currently. In this picture, I was thirty.

My favorite thing about it is that my eye is slitted to look at the photographer. It looks as if I'm drinking in the moment, but yet I'm looking at you.

All my life, I wanted it to be art.

You know that though I doth protest, I want to be looked at. I want to be worshipped and admired. I don't want to be alone. I want to stroll like bette davis and know that you all will know when I die that I was fabulous.


A bain: the lovers.

I often get loved when I leave lovers. I often get worshipped when I remove myself from the equation.

This sux.

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