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Clothes. Woods.

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So I'm sitting in my 'old' apartment that mark and I shared. I was waiting for him as we were going to see a voyager together, but he dropped in on shep, and I suppose that's where he is now.

I was preparing to leave, but then I realized that mark had my keys:
the guilt lifted a bit as I realized that I could sleep in the heaven king bed and have my cats cuddle me yet again.

So, I'm going to bed and choosing a book to read. I have set my cellphone to awaken me.

I look to the remaining dresser (the one mark had with chris ((wife no.
one)) ) and I see my clothes folded for when mark had washed what was in the dirty clothes hamper.

It made me sigh inside and tangle.

I remember when kent did my laundry once. He said how lovely it was to wash my clothes because they seemed like doll clothes to him.

This is hard and smarts.

The Black Forest.

I have met several Europeans. I often ask the new acquaintance if they have visited the black forest.

I have dreams of the black forest. i have a dream that repeats often of the landscape of the wood with a stream and a high bank. It is never really the exact location, but I feel I am in my woods when I dream it.

Hansel and Gretel. Of course they represent it.

I love the woods. I love decidious trees. (of course I love firs too, but it's different).

I love moss and water and life and old impassive columns.

many times, the europeans tell me the black forest is nothing. not much.

It saddens me.

More than many things, I long to walk in the woods again.

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