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You hate my lies

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And I have many of them.

I miss you, and the inaneness of it has hit me.

The boys.

Always the boys. It would be obvious why I congregate to their realm.

Excuse me is my rant taking too long. Is it getting in the way of this lovely song?

All these folks on the tv have their reasons.

Like you and me, consuming in mass like quantities.

Excuse me is my rant taking too long. Is it getting in the way of this lovely song?

Just promise me that you'll never leave me.


To walk like that, she was from a royal line. It's true.

I want to take you to a house and surround you with guns and protect you.

You are so pretty. I love you when you aren't trying to be pretty.

You don't understand. I never want to leave. Never. I want to stay here until the end.

I feel so weird seeing you there. It's like deja vu, and I feel so like it's an ending and yet it's so surreal and beautiful.

I always forget how pretty you are when I haven't seen you for a while and then I do.

What are coming to? No room for me. No fun for you.

I hate that there are people who make a living as toll booth operators.

I know I dreamt about you when I was a little boy.

When you get out of the hospital let me back into your life.

Speak to me universal law. The whores hustle and the hustlers whore. Speak to me your song of greed.

You are special. I know you are going to do jesus' work.

You are a witch.

I am attracted to you but I fear you.

You have a danger of attaching yourself into someone - into a role - when you could easily do it by yourself.

I see no hope for your marriage. I'm sorry.

Your chart works beautifully at a higher level.

Your daughter is the most amazing person I have met.

I would fall in love with you if you didn't scare the shit out of me.

I love you - yes, but in what way?

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