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and they tell themselves they're still young lions

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Can't tell your best buddy that you love him. Where does are time go? Got a brand new house in escrow.

Is this all that we've learned about happiness?

You can't tell me that I'm the only one who thinks these things. I have a thousand references - a thousand people who have left signposts.

Get to drunk on Saturdays. laugh with all the kids on sundays.

This is all that we've learned about living.

I have an idea for performance art:

Two people are on a stage. There is a partition between them. They have their ipods on them, and they are dancing to the same song.

It would be interesting.

I used to have this phase (well still do) where I wanted to be filmed/videoed doing the things I do alone. I wanted Matt Malloy to do it for some reason. I thought for a while it could be done - that I could be doing stuff alone with a camera recording. I tried to do it on my own, but the results are likely questionable. I gave a tape that I had never seen to teen news boy, but it likely totally was un-understandable. I also had the short-haired cargioli brother tape a stoned conversation between mike and I. I never listened to that one again either (it was on DAT and is also with the teen), but I do remember that it was a good conversation. I was able to be somewhat real. I was quite comfortable.

You can never be recorded alone. You are always performing. Whenever you are with another person, 90 percent or something is a performance - because you are aware. Being alone with someone is lovely and rare. Exquisite.

I respect your desire to move East and hang out and talk and just be. I look for that as often as I can find it. Even out here, it is not as easy as it seems. People seem to grow out of it and the younger ones ae so hopelessly younger (and worse, they age constantly year after year).

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