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Burying the Old

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The last of my grandmother sutherland's sisters died today. That is the end of that seven children line hailing from villa rica, georgia. Her name was aunt lily V (for violet). I always remember her smiling. When the siblings were more alive, we used to have such good family reunions. The food.

Deep Dish Apple Cobbler reminds me of my grandmother. I wish I could make it like her. I can simulate rather well. This and fried okra are the things - and the pot roast with carrots and potaotes.

That darn south.

The all-you-can-eat buffet at Pelican Point in Crescent, Georgia, offers more than 25 seafood items for $22.95.

Exit east off I-95 at the coastal Georgia town of Eulonia, and soon you're winding along back roads barely wide enough for two cars. Keep your nose toward the Sapelo River and, after a few turns, you'll find yourself dead-ending at a gravel parking lot. Welcome to Pelican Point Restaurant.

Owner Mike Phillips was a fisherman and shrimper in these parts for almost 20 years before he built Pelican Point near his seafood docks. Today, he handpicks for his restaurant the shrimp, red snapper, mahi-mahi, and other varieties of seafood from those same docks managed by his son, Charlie.

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