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When it comes

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So mark and I are sitting here grousing about the world and our future and what it's all for and how to do something besides be in survive the next day mode... but what's new with me eh?

Here are some letters I just got from my twin neices. It makes me jealous and simper for simple.

Dear Kristy,

Don't you just hate to have to get up in the morning and brush your hair. I do. It gets on my nerves!! You wake up, brush your hair, then when you come back from the pool to have to take a bath and then brush your hair, then at night you have to brush yor hair again. The next day you have to do it all over again, unless you don't go to the pool. Chandler and I wanted to make our hair lighter, so we bought this stuff called sun in and got our hair wet and brushed our hair because you are supposed to wet and brush your hair before you put sun in on it. Anyway, after that, we went outside because you have to stay out in the sun for an hour, but it got to hot outside so we stayed out there for about 45 minutes. that day the sun in didn't really work because we didn't stay outside long enough. For the past 2 days we've been using a blowdryer, and it's working!!!!!!!!! Chandler thinks its turning our hair a little orange, but I don't. Anyway, email me back!


Dear Kristy,
    I've been waiting for you to send me an email, I've been checking every 2 or 3 hours, of course, it's 2:30 here, yet 11:30 there. As I said yesterday, I need an adventure. By the way, If you have time, type more and ask me questions, I have time for anything. Just remember, my hours are from 10:30-3:00. By the way, how's the weather there? Where do you work? I have good news, we made a club. We have 3 girls that have signed up so far! They all live in the neighborhood. Our club is a music, singing, and dance club. Some people will stay after club meetings for band! I teach dance and Ellison teaches music and singing. We have a friend that is our assistant for the band and the club. We will hold most meetings at our house, but some at our assistant, Ann's house! Ann will do both dance and sing each for 30 minutes. She will share solos with each of us. Come early to all of the meetings and help us plan. Stay late to do solos. I guess you could say we have this club planned out. Well, we do. It's the first club that so far I think it will succeed. isn't that great? Give pads, stripey, marbles and mark all of my love. Please email me back.

Luv ya,

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