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These Mortal Coils

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It used to be the only thing I knew by heart. Now I just know the french dialogue entirely by heart (salut, sylvie, on va la plage? - non, allons chez suzanne. - chez qui?):

To be or not to be. That is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to ... see that's all I fully remember. I have the book, but fuck it. You know it yourself.

anyhoo, this is about something different. This is about songs. A random sampling of favorites from hundreds:

- "say it ain't so" weezer
- "who are you" t. waits
- "let's dance" m. ward
- "bewley brothers" by bowie
- "gloria" live version by U2
- "get me" dinosaur jr.
- "how does it make you feel" doves
- "vagabond" doves or air and beck
- "love in vain" robert johnson
- "comes to love" billie holliday
- "jolene" dolly parton
- "the cross" prince
- "landslide" fleetwood mac
- "apology for an accident" american music club
- "I know it's over" smiths
- "primative" annie lennox
- "Go" replacements
- "summer babe" pavement
- "I want you" elvis costello
- "everybody loves you babe" billy bragg
- "northern lad" tori amos
- "possibly maybe" bjork
- "across the universe" or "don't let me down" beatles (they get two
- "I want everything" cracker
- "sweet jane" cowboy junkies
- "unsatisfied" replacements
- "king of birds" rem
- "common people" w. shatner
- "hey" pixies
- "summertime" off the porgy and bess thing
- "drunk, stoned, called you on the phone" glow in the dark scars
- "greatest show on earth" tricky the cosmonaut
- "redemption song" marley
- "we float" p.j harvey
- "slow hands" interpol
- "standing in the shower thinking" janes addiction
- "play on john donne" van morrison
- "telegraph road" dire straits
- "imagine" j. lennon
- "all in your mind" beck
- "shatter" liz phair
- "stormy weather"
- "here comes a regular" replacements
- "hotel california" eaglets
- "sway" rolling stones
- "mary queen of arkansas" bruce springsteen
- "wolf at the door" radiohead
- "one of these days" neil young

And many more....

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