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Do you like it when I'm bored and sad and on the way to drunk on a Saturday night? I certainly like writing you. You are my only friend.
Unlike anais, my shit is published instantly. Well, at the whim of the robot's instantedness... but hey: you play, you win. you play, you lose. you play.

"How does it make you feel" air
"hospital" jonathon richmond
"negative creep" nirvana
"can't get you out of my head" flaming lips "check it out" mellancamp "spangle" wedding present "tinylittle" mellowdrone "becca" waxing myrna "dream than fuck" vic chestnut

My ipod is on it's last little bit of battery, but it doesn't matter - for after I've played this out I have voyager to watch and/or that samurai movie I haven't yet finished. Or sleep.

There was something I was going to say to you.

It can't have been as simple as finding the spangle/sequin on the carpet in front of the elevator and wondering from whence it came, but perhaps that telling will dirge other tellings.

Who knows. All I know is that I am drawn to you. You are bored with me as is natural for relationships that have lasted as "long" as ours.

Do you view your birthday time in the same way I do? When it is 11:20, and I catch it - I always think of that as my special time.

Ah yes, the internet.

I was going to tell you about my first flirtations and what I found with it on the internet. My children, you would not know it by looking at my non-technical prowess, but I indeed was an early internet-er.

I was working at the chamber of commerce in Wimington, North Carolina and it all happened. You see, I was born in a world where I can tell you what life was like without internet. It started in my lifetime.
Yes, there was a world before it. A world where tv was your only link to the Other - newspapers (the tangible ones) - radio.

In our building, we housed one of the first servers in wilmington (WISE
- with such nice people johanna and chris ((with whom I saw a Star Trek movie - such was our bond)) and her nice red-haired daughter - the kind of redhead that is country and lanky and light)... we got a t-1 connection. Little did I know how amazing that was. Yes children, my first flirt with internet was a damned t-1 connection.

It was a little world then. There was only one other person I knew with email. It was eric willheim. We would email each other. We grew close through those ones and zeros.

There wasn't a lot of junk on the internet then. You did a search, and you actually instantly got what you searched for. I used to do random searches in my spare time like "lost, astrology, help, culture, bog people" and many other just things and would get linked to the most funny things. Annie Lennox is apparently my astrological soulmate.
They used to give it all away for free then my loves. wasn't to exist for another two years. All condensed.
much fun in communicating with the world in this novel form.

Ah, now it is just that thing that I use to distract myself at work with. I don't even care about the giant magnets. The internet is nothing to me now. It seems almost a bore. I used to do "research" on all sorts of topics. My method was to copy and paste to word, so I wouldn't look like I was on the internet and then I would read to my hearts content - all for free. You should have seen back then. It was a site full of stuff. There are few sites I go to on a regular basis now. I'm lost from the world now. I go to my old haunts and have nothing.

Now we all have this. It's almost as rancorous as having cable in the dorms.

Have I told you yet how pissed I was that they put cable in my dorms at college? If not, here goes:

My first year at Reed Hall on the campus of University of Georgia,
they did not have cable. Ah the fun. We would drink and play spades and go to class. I had never had such comaraderie (coming from my lonely isolationist shy childhood/teenhood/adulthood), so it was such fun for me to be in a group of friends. To watch tv, we would have to congregate in the lobby. It was the only tv hooked up to cable. A democracy would develop. I believe "all my children" and "days of our lives" were alternated or some other system was agreed upon. It was a community - a co-ed historic dorm.
Lovely. This was my freshman year.

We played spades and talked. I had just learned the game (and still have an affectionate love of the game although no one plays like that that I know now)... I was a shark - a natural. Because I am such a dork for companions, it was fabulous to have a partner... perhaps my first learning of such things. I coined phrases like "I have a special problem, but I would go nolo"... partner would say "don't worry". When we would go to class, someone would take our hand.

Then cable, and we all watched tv in our rooms.

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