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It will take work for me to tell you about my New Years Eve 2005.

So life affirming. It's like trying to write about the dream. I should have awoken and wrote it right away. It was so vivid then, and I had the feelings all fresh. But I had a slight headache and was in retropect - slightly hungover dehydrated.

Aspirins and caffeine and stuffing the face.


magic night.

Took a taxi cab - bought it myself (and the very first cab ride I ever engineered for my own purposes: fully orchestrated and paid for was a mere season ago with the nuclear engineer in san fran) - my own big girl self.
It was called Lotus Cabs and I parted with $13 dollars at the walking Thornton street in venice to michele's. Lovely time - the the new year countdown in the car with jayne and josh - the one that we all agreed not to do (mostly at jane's behest) until at the bar. We were just to listen to tthe U2 music.



the girl that changed her name to loraini from tamara.

then the new year.

it is akin to spring break - senior year of highschool

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